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The Three Counties

There are multiple benefits to opting for bespoke furniture over mass-produced pieces. Our carpenters work with customers in Bristol, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas to create beautiful furniture that perfectly fits their space and their needs. Whether decorative or functional, we use high-quality materials to provide superior products.

Our experienced carpenters cover every stage of the process, from consulting with customers to designing and building their ideal furniture. We offer bespoke furniture solutions for every room of the house, making your home completely personal and unique.

Here are some reasons why customers in Bristol and Cheltenham choose our bespoke furniture services:

• You get exactly what you want. We build furniture for your specific space and to your taste. This includes dimensions, materials, colours, finish and all the finer details. Whatever you are after, Clifton Carpentry delivers.

• We are completely customer-focused. This means we tweak designs as much as our Cheltenham and Bristol customers need in order to create the ideal product. We work with you to produce drawings that help you visualise the end result.

• Bespoke furniture can complement old and modern buildings in Bristol, Cheltenham and the nearby areas. We can utilise quirky characteristics, such as alcoves and rounded walls, so no space in your home goes to waste and you do not have to compromise. For awkward spaces, we offer fitted furniture services.

• Projects often have a focus on creating one-off, stand-out pieces. This adds to the unique feel of your home as you know no-one else has the same furniture.

When creating bespoke furniture, our carpenters take the time to carefully design each piece to customer specifications. We then hand craft all projects, paying close attention to detail to ensure the finished product is of the highest standard. Our work is built to last and really adds to the visual aspect of homes in Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucestershire. For this reason, the craftmanship of bespoke furniture cannot be recommended highly enough.

The durable nature of Clifton Carpentry furniture means we are a more sustainable option. We also make sure all the wood we use is FSC approved.

Bespoke furniture also gives rooms a statement item that is still practical. We provide much-needed storage space, comfortable seating, tables and any other furniture customers require in Cheltenham and the nearby areas.

For bespoke furniture in Bristol, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, call 07531 621320.

Bespoke Furniture: Custom Goods
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